Application Guide BestLine Racing Products

New Dimond Nano-Lubricant Engine Oil Additives are Now Designed for Both Gas and Diesel Engines.

  • Engine Oil Treatment:  Use a minimum of One Bottle for up to 5 quarts of oil for everyday driving. For race and hight performance motors use Two 12 ounce bottles for every 5 quarts of oil. Truckers use one Gallon with 9 Gallons of Engine Oil. 

  • All-In-One Fuel Treatments:  use one bottle for every 15 - 20 gallon fill up for maximum protection and performance. Average usage use once for every 3-4 fill ups. 

  • Diesel Fuel Treatment: Use one bottle for every 250 Gallons of Diesel fuel.

  • Power Boost Fuel Treatment: use with all Fuels, Diesel, Gasoline Jet Fuel. One 11 ounce bottle for every 15-20 gallons of fuel. 

  • Transmission Treatment: Use one bottle with any transmission, manual or automatic. Use also with CVT transmissions. Transfer cases, Power Steering and Differentials use 3 ounces of the Transmission Treatment in each.