Do Transmission Fluid Additives Work?

Do Transmission Fluid Additives Work?

Like our bodies need water, blood and other fluids to survive and thrive, our vehicles need motor oil, fuel, and transmission fluid and other essential fluids to do the same. 

When we are dehydrated, we can’t perform at our best. So what do we do? Drink water and maybe a few sports drinks to help boost our hydration. 

The same goes for helping our vehicles perform at their best. That’s why we use performance additives in addition to our regular car fluids. 

As a professional driver, or a car enthusiast you know that transmission fluid is essential to your cars performance. 

But do you know what its purpose is, and why transmission fluid additives help? 

In previous articles we’ve discussed oil treatments, fuel boosters and ways your off-road vehicle can benefit from better lubrication, but today's article is focused solely on transmission fluid and transmission fluid additives. 

So let’s dive in and discuss! 

What Is Transmission Fluid?

To first understand how transmission fluid additives are beneficial, we must first take a look at transmission fluid itself. 

Transmission fluid provides the necessary lubrication to your transmissions moving parts. It provides hydraulic pressure and friction to allow the parts to move seamlessly without grinding or overheating. 

Transmission fluids aids with various functions including: 

  • Gear lubrication
  • Transmission cooling
  • Valve body operation
  • Brake band friction
  • Condition gaskets
  • Clean and protect metal surfaces and parts from wear

Just like motor oil, you need to change your transmission fluid to ensure that your car runs at its optimal performance. It’s recommended that you change your transmission fluid every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. 

But what happens in between the changes? The fluid starts to build up sludge, collect dirt and other particles that make it work less efficiently than if it was freshly changed. 

In order to enhance and improve your transmission fluid transmission fluid additives like our BestLine Racing Transmission Treatment is added. 

transmission fluid additives

Transmission Fluid Additives - The Benefits

Remember how we said when we are dehydrated or sick we drink sports drinks to aid in extra hydration and essential supplements? That’s what transmission fluid additives do for your transmission fluids. 

If you haul heavy loads, are a professional driver, or are constantly in stop and go traffic, your transmission fluid will become less and less efficient overtime and may need to be replaced sooner than recommended. 

Our BestLine Racing Transmission Treatment with Diamond NanoLube assists with reinvigorating your transmission fluid by: 

  • Lubricating with Diamond Ceramic Nano-Particles that fill all the rough asperities in the metal surfaces to produce the ultimate in smooth frictionless surfaces. 
  • Enhancing the additives in all ATF fluids 
  • Helping to prevent oxidation of the additives in the ATF fluids
  • Conditioning all seals and O-rings
  • Extending the life of all automatic transmissions

The treatment is also:

  • Formulated for all powertrain components
  • Excellent for CVT transmissions 
  • Can also be used in Power Steering units to lower temperature and reduce wear
  • Used in differentials to increase life

Check out our reviews page to learn more about how our customers LOVE our transmission treatment. 

Want To Know More About Transmission Fluid Additives? Contact BestLine Racing Today! 

Here at BestLine Racing our goal is to give you the highest quality performance additives and treatments to help your daily driver, high-performance vehicle, off-road vehicle, big rig or even gun or fishing rod work at its best, most optimal performance. 

To learn more about a specific product like our Transmission Treatment or to inquire about which additives are best for your vehicle, contact us today!

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