3 Ways Your Off Road Vehicle Can Benefit From Better Lubrication

3 Ways Your Off Road Vehicle Can Benefit From Better Lubrication

You rip through the mud, race through the dirt, roll through water and much more of your off-road vehicle. 

Whether it’s a side by side, ATV, dirt bike or dune buggy you put your off-road vehicle to the test every time you take it out for a ride. 

It’s obvious we put these vehicles to the test more often than our daily drivers. We don’t think you’re hitting pot holes or crawling over logs in a sedan.

So if you take the time to service your regular vehicle and ensure the engine and all of the other parts that keep your car running in optimal shape, why wouldn’t you do that to the off-road vehicle you run way harder? 

Vehicle maintenance isn’t just for your classic car, daily driver, or big rig. It should also be done on your motorcycles, speed bikes, ATVs, dirt bikes and even non-motorized vehicles like a bicycle or even wheelchair! 

But today's article is all about how your off-road vehicle can benefit from better lubrication and vehicle care! 

So let’s discuss a few ways our products can help! 

Lubrication Reduces Friction 

In our last article, How Can I Extend The Oil Life Of A Truck, we went into great detail about the importance of oil and why it is necessary to keep your engine and vehicle in overall good running condition. 

Your engine in any vehicle is made up of hundreds of small moving parts. Without proper lubrication, or slip, those parts run and grind against each other. That creates friction and eventually wears those parts and small pieces down. 

If you are running your off-road vehicle, you certainly don’t want to be caught off guard when your engine stalls or a piece breaks and you realize it’s dry as bone!

off-road vehicle can benefit from better lubrication 

Lubrication Protects Against Corrosion And Rust

Rusty parts can break off and wreak havoc on your vehicle's engine. When properly lubricated, your parts have extra layers of protection that keep them from allowing water, extreme cold or heat that can cause the rusting or corrosion of those parts. 

How many times have you powered through water and mud and anything else in your off-road vehicle? How many times have you thoroughly cleaned that vehicle after you’ve driven it? 

If left to dry with all that extra muck and mud, you could be allowing all those particles and dirt to enter into your engine and cause problems. Keep it protected with that layer of lubrication. 

Lubrication Increases Efficiency

Who doesn’t love an optimally and properly working vehicle? When your vehicle is lubricated with the right oil and additives you can increase the efficiency and power of that vehicle! 

You’ll benefit from better gas mileage, better movement and power from the engine, less dirt, grime and sludge buildup within the engine allowing it to move better and much more. 

It’s not hard to add a few extra drops of our Best Line Racing Diamond Nano-Lube Engine Treatment to your off-road vehicle in between oil changes, and the benefits you’ll gain from using it are endless. 

Want To Know More About How Your Off-Road Vehicle Can Benefit From Better Lubrication? See Best Line Racing Today! 

If you’re interested in increasing the life of the engine in your off-road vehicle as well as increasing the power and efficiency, contact us today about our fleet of products that do just that. 

We have gasoline treatments, oil treatments and even lubrication spray that you can put onto brake handles, and those hard to reach ball bearings or other moving parts outside of the engine! 

To learn more about our products, review our website, read our blogs and check out our reviews to see how we’ve help customers just like you!

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