5 Ways Fuel Treatments Can Extend The Life Of Your Used Car

5 Ways Fuel Treatments Can Extend The Life Of Your Used Car

Used cars have seen more action than new cars, which means they need a little more attention to stay in optimal shape. If you are looking to extend the life of your used car, a fuel treatment can really help. Some used cars may fall into the category of classic cars, and if that is the case with your vehicle, we want to direct you to our previous blog: How Classic Cars Can Benefit From Engine Treatments. 

At BestLine we know that investing the time and care into a used automobile will reward you with better performance and longer engine life. We’ve put together a list of five ways a fuel treatment can extend the life of your used car. 

Regular engine treatments on your used car will: 

  • Clean your engine system and keep it that way
  • Provide extra support in the winter months
  • Maintain fuel injector performance 
  • Reduce corrosion 
  • Protect your system 

Let’s explore these fuel treatment benefits a little further. Keep on reading! 

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Scrub That System Clean 

Older vehicles need a strong detergent — one that gives the system a “deep clean”. That's exactly what fuel additives do. A fuel treatment can scrub your system of carbon, grime, and other types of build up. The last thing you need is hydrocarbon deposits on your injector nozzles and other internal surfaces, impeding functionality and performance. 

This can extend the life of your engine and boost your car’s overall performance. 

Used Car Vs Winter

Fuel additives are especially important when winterising your vehicle. They are essential in the prevention of gelling and hard starts by reducing moisture and delivering incomparable lubrication to the fuel system. This reduces the wear on the fuel system, which in turn can help to extend the life of your engine. 

Is Your Used Vehicle A Diesel? 

Then you really should be using a fuel additive. In 2006 the US government issued a mandate that eliminated sulfur from diesel fuel. Since then, fuel additives have supplied the missing lubricity agents by chemically altering the fuel to give modern diesel the lift it needs. By adding the chemical cetane, the combustion process happens faster, and this is what you want in diesel-powered vehicles. 

This is especially useful for extending the life of the fuel injector and providing preventive maintenance. 

Reduce Corrosion And Protect Your System 

System corrosion due to the ethanol in gasoline is a big reason for additive use in older cars. Ethanol is hygroscopic, making it naturally corrosive. Therefore, it’s vital to find a fuel treatment that can deal with excessive condensation so the engine doesn’t stop running.     

Fuel treatments work to safeguard your system and give your used car the care it needs for a longer life.  

Find Used Car TLC With BestLine Racing

At BestLine Racing we believe the right fuel treatment will rejuvenate your used vehicle. Contact us and we can help you find the best treatment for your car. 

Also, be sure to check out our reviews to see what BestLine’s customers are saying about our products and outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on customer care, and we look forward to helping you inject life into your used car. 

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