Gun & Reel Lubricant - Maximum Protection

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Product Information

BestLine Gun Oil

Gun & Reel Lubricant from BestLine Racing provides maximum protection for firearms and bike chains. Its high-performance formula quickly removes water and creates a lightweight, non-sticky lubricant that holds up in high-temperature conditions. Make sure your firearm and bike are always ready with this reliable lubricant.

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BestLine Tactical Gun Oil is derived from renewably sourced hydrocarbons processed into API Group IV base stock. It is non-gumming, non-staining, and remains fluid to -30 degrees F. It provides boundary lubricity, wear protection, rust protection (including fingerprints), and detergency for cleaning.

In addition, to use with conventional firearms (burning smokeless propellants), it is excellent for lubrication of fishing reels, and all kinds of related outdoor gear. It is an excellent lubricant for fine mechanisms including bearings, bushings, slides, rollers, cams, and light gearing.

Comes in a 4-ounce spray bottle to use with firearms, fishing gear, electronics, and automotive. 

With Diamond Nano-Lube for longer-lasting protection

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Mutagenic, Non-Carcinogenic

  • Non-Corrosive & Rust Protecting

  • Fingerprint Protection

  • High Flash Point

  • Light Color, Transparent Fluid

  • Nearly Odorless - smells like fresh cut grass

  • Non-Irritating

BestLine Gun Oil Spec


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