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Ceramic Coating kit

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Ceramic Coating kit


Ceramic coating kit by BestLine Racing is a high-performance exterior treatment that lasts up to 6 months and is superhydrophobic. 

BestLine coatings are high-tech sealants designed to be permanently applied to your vehicle, They protect your vehicle finish or trim, and reduce the impact of future contamination. Go ahead and love your car, and invest in the best protection available. 

Use This SiO2 coating to:

  • Easy to apply SiO2 coating that lasts 6 months
  • Leave behind a brilliant light-reflecting shine
  • Protect painted and any hard surface like chrome and other hardware
  • Darken and add depth to any color paint
  • Reject water and the elements
  • Spray on instant protection and shine
  • Make drying your car after a wash easier
  • Unleash the power of SiO2 in spray format
  • Protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays

User-Friendly Ceramic Coating That Anyone Can Apply

BestLine Ceramic Spray Coating is a revolutionary ceramic treatment that sprays onto any painted surface with a simple squeeze of the trigger. With BestLine Ceramic Coating, you can get all the benefits of a ceramic coating without the expense, time, difficulty, and headache of traditional ceramic coatings. You no longer need a professional to get durable long term protection, incredible water beading, and a high gloss light-reflecting shine- simply spray on this coating for instant results! Using new advanced chemistry, anyone can apply BestLine Ceramic Coating in minutes with ease. 

As usual, we offer a money-back guarantee. 

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