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Fuel Extender & Power Booster for Gas & Diesel

  • Fuel Extender & Power Booster for Gas & Diesel

BestLine Corp

Fuel Extender & Power Booster for Gas & Diesel


Fuel Extender Treatment for Gas and Diesel vehicles.Eco oil and fuel

Treats up to 50 Gallons! - 3 Average Tanks of Fuel

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An advanced technology combustion modifier for both diesel and gasoline fuels. This synthetic, non-metallic product causes fuels to completely burn, releasing all the energy from the fuel, and eliminating emissions from partially combusted hydrocarbons. Adds power and fuel economy to both new and used engines, and reduces particulate emissions by as much as 60% (engine idling). Developed for the US Military, this product improves performance in all engine types using gasoline or diesel fuel, whether naturally aspirated or fuel injected. It also performs in industrial burners and boilers using #2, #4, and #6 diesel fuels. Energy savings generally exceed the cost of treatment with this additive.


  • Reduces fuel consumption by 9% (Gasoline) - 11.74% (Diesel) in most applications.
  • Reduces emissions by as much as >60% in engine idling.
  • Excellent for “stop and go” fleets.
  • Helps new vehicles as well as older vehicles.
  • Contains no harmful substances or metals.
  • Works in any type of hydrocarbon fuel, gasoline, diesel, or gasoline.

Fuel Economy Results

Average Combined Fuel Economy Improvement. In this case, average fuel economy (MPG) is calculated for Baseline/Unadditized Phase and Additized Phase for all test vehicles running on diesel fuel. There was an average improvement of 11.74% in fuel economy for 7 vehicles. 


• Effective in all diesel fuels including ULSD and biodiesel blends.
• Heavy Duty diesel engine fleets of all kinds.
• Diesel and gas passenger cars.
• Stationary diesel used in power generation, compressors, and other heavy machinery
• Mining equipment.
• Municipal diesel and gas engine fleets – sanitation, bus lines, and school buses