Motorcycle Training Institute
I own 20 training motorcycles. As you can imagine, they get their fair share of abuse. Idling, numerous starts and stops, stalling, quick clutch releases at times, over-revving, shifting without the clutch disengaged, etc.

Looking for real world protection, I have tried many additives over the last 20 years. Slick 50, Duralube, Lucas oil, STP, Amsoil, Johnsen’s, the list goes on. Never noticed any difference. Then I came across BestLine. Saw the information on the web, watched some videos and thought it was just another false claim. Until this:

I purchased a few bottles of BestLine to try in my boat (1982 Mercruiser 140) that had a knocking sound. Changed the oil, added the recommended 10% and in less than 5 minutes the knock was gone. Completely. Idles much better. Impressive.

This sparked my interest. I decided to do an experiment on a training motorcycle we no longer use anymore due to aesthetics (1990 Honda CB 125T). This training motorcycle has over 10,000 parking lot miles on it and a stock clutch. No engine repair ever. I added approximately 15% BestLine Engine Treatment, added oil to the full mark and ran it on the center stand for about 30 minutes while in second gear. I then aired up the tires, took it out for a test ride. I immediately noticed a smoother solid engagement of the clutch. It ran great!

Due to my sheer morbid curiosity, I wanted to see if the CB125T would last without oil. I drained the oil, and kept the engine on and running without the drain plug in. The bike was again on the center stand in second gear. With an hour meter attached, it ran for 26+ hours. The reason it stopped running is because it ran out of gas. I’m Sold!

On April 10th 2016 I added 15% BestLine in a 2005 Honda CB250 Nighthawk training motorcycle. It now has 758 miles on the oil. The oil is still gold in color. Although these are great running motorcycles, it idles smoother, shifts smoother and runs quieter.

I will not only run BestLine Engine Treatment in all my training motorcycles, but in my car, truck and personal motorcycles. If BestLine Engine Treatment isn’t in your oil, you are not caring for your engine. Period.

Stand by for a YouTube experiment as soon as I get help with video. I’ll SHOW proof.

Thanks to the staff at BestLine that answered all my questions.


Harry E Slater JR
Diesel Fuel Treatment
I will be needing more of the diesel fuel treatment. I can attest to the product's effectiveness -- we just had 16 straight days of below zero temperatures, not getting above 6° during the day. The fuel in our trucks was treated with bestline , we had no gelling problems whatsoever. I saw many trucks treated with Power Service, Howes ,etc , that WERE gelled. Bestline proved to be superior. I will use it from now on. I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to become a dealer/distributor for your products.

Engine Treatment

Great value for your money
Delivery was fast the product is excellent thank you.

Performance Package - Good stuff

Works very well

Now I believe

Put 4 oz in my dodge 3500 6 speed I notice much smoother shifts. The trans is much quieter than before I added the bestline.

Diesel fuel additive

Put some in my old ford 6.0 with 270,000 miles bone stock original. I noticed it quieted down the clatter on start up. This week it started at -7°f without being plugged in.

Only additives I will ever use.

Real quality products that live up to the claims. Bottom line, use Bestline if you want your vehicle to last. They have made a lifetime customer out of me.

Best on the market

This is the best additive on the market today

Best line engine treatment

Have used best line for over two years,noticed a big difference in starting in the -40 weather. And a increase in gas mileage. I highly recommend this oil in any engine. I even use it in the zamboni. At work

Excellent Stuff

Best additive on the market. I won't use anything else

Gasoline Conditioner

This is the only one that works for my Hemi engine!

great stuff

used it for some time never had a problem, injectors are great


Everything was perfect worked great

Great product !

With the engine treatment, I notice a smoother running engine , oil stays clean longer , and fuel mileage increased 2/10ths mpg. We'll worth it and highly recommended.

Truly the best!,

I am not big on additives, but these products are the exception to the rule. They perform as promised. Smoother, quieter running engine. Cleaner oil at change time. Took the knock out of my old lawnmower and I did not have to replace it yet. I am now going to try the motorcycle additive in my V-Star.

Bestline products.

Bestline lubrication products is the best. My Tundra purrs no sounds and runs very smooth, adding a additional magnet drain plug is a huge plus. Bestline kicks ass.

good product number one

good product number one

the best

This is the best product I have used I love it and the customer service is fantastic couldn't be more impressed

Bestline Engine Treatment Review

I find that my engines run smoother and I actually get a little bit better fuel mileage.

Hummer H2 supercharged

The gasoline conditioner had instant results with throttle response, performance, and slightly better gas mileage.

Best product out there

Helps on cold starts, starts sooner and runs smoother

Increased fuel efficiency

I continue to use BestLine products in my vehicle. The fuel treatment gives greater fuel efficiency and value added (1 ounce to 5 gallons of fuel). Many thanks!

they got a winner!!!!!!!

yes I must say , "they have a winner" being a mechanic in my pass years, it has always been that lubrication is a key in keeping your equipment in top condition . and With this product line you definitely have a winner.

Engine oil additive and the added no squeek

The no squeek finally stopped the storm doors' squeeking that's bothered us for years. It's so quiet that its an eery feeling.

No Skweek - Best better than wd-40

I have used this and it is by far better than anything else I have used.

Simply the best!

This has to be the only additive that does what it actually says it does.f

engine treatment

i used this product with my last oil change.i did a 3700 mile road trip.i noticed an increase of 2mpg.the engine did not seem as hot after a long day driving.i will try this product in my other vehicles

It has been said, the product presents it's self as one of the finest if not the best on the market

I have found myself greatly appreciative of the inventor benefactor in sellers of this outstanding product. It does wonders, I'm old-school. I went Through trial and error but this time you have made me very, very happy. Excellent product ,fantastic results. Thank you

Increased fuel efficiency

Prior to using gasoline treatment, I was getting 18 to 19 mpg. After use of BestLine fuel treatment, that figure increased 2 mpg and justifies the cost of the product.

Best Engine Treatment

I have used many engine additives over 55 years. After seeing the test and competition, I choose Bestline products every time. I put the treatment in all my vehicles and have found they give me the best results in engine protection. Cost? Its worth the cost

Great product !

The BEST gasoline conditioner. Vehicle runs and idles much smoother , greater acceleration and performance. Noticed a slight improvement in fuel mileage as well. Highly recommend this product.

Prompt Service

Very fast and professional service. Thank you. GS

Great Product!

I've been using Bestline products in the last couple vehicles I've had. Both were used and have/had over 100,000 miles on them upon purchase. They progressively ran better and better the longer I used the Bestline product in them.

Best line engine treatment

I use the engine treatment in all are 4 cars and ridding lawnmower, snow blower. I highly recommend BestLine ,great product

a great addition to our maintenance program

We just started to use the diesel products, and expect the payback to be well worth the investment.


Love this. Going to use the tranny one now.

Thanks for a great product

Thanks for a great product and the continual discounts. Best regards William Harrington


The best adittive i found on market.

Great product.

It does what is advertised, I look forward to years of trouble free driving.

Fuel conditioner

I am (was) a hard core Lucas fan. The results of using BestLine is, for me, night and day. I am using only BestLine from now on, (I use all of the products). I run a 1993 Ford 5.0 HO and she runs, feels and sounds better then she ever has.  In 5th gear I have a confirmed 29.4 MPG. BestLine WORKS, it does what they say it will do. R/ James M. Chambers

Fantastic Products

Fantastic products (Engine Treatment and Magnets). Fast Shipping. Excellent service.


Best thing I’ve ever used works great in semi truck

Magnet, (for engine oil)

Very, very strong

Oil Filter Magnet - Engine Saver Magnets

It was a amazing to find out the very small amount of metal that is collected inside the used oil filter. It never crossed my mind that the magnets would make that much difference.

Excellent products

Engine Saver - metal graber

work good a must have

#1 Diesel Engine Oil Treatment

The best additive i found on market. Change my oil at 20k km and the lab results comes that i could have drive at least another 10k. My next oil change will be at 30k. Engine runs smoother. Great stuff. Wish i can tell everybody about it.

Awesome stuff!!!

Works great!! Must have product!!

Bestline is the best engine improvment on the market.

Great products that do exactly what is promised.

Engine Treatment - Universal Use

I have used this product in 3 different vehicles plus a lawnmower and generator. I have not noticed an increase in fuel economy but all the vehicles are fairly new. I have noticed that the engines run and idle very smoothly and that none of them burn oil now. 

Great Product!

This is my second purchase and I'm using this product now. It does everything they say, smoother cooler engine, stronger and better gas mileage. Wouldn't do without this product again.


Great product and value