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As the situation evolves day-to-day, our top priority during these challenging times continues to be the health and safety of our customers, co-worker and the community. 

At BestLine Racing we've taken steps to insure your safety. All employees have been trained on the proper sanitation techniques and systems to insure everyones safety. 

All packaging is handled with care and with minimal human contact. 

Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have issued guidance for preparing a workplace for COVID-19 that include tips for preventing the spread of the virus and steps to reduce workers’ risk of exposure. And the CDC recently issued a strategy for implementing mitigation strategies for communities with local transmission.

Sacramento, Calif. (April 01, 2020) - As part of the company's ongoing efforts to battle the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), BestLine Chemical, the California-based manufacturer and distributor of automotive oil and fuel additives, is now offering hand sanitizer.

"Because of increased demand for alcohol-based hand sanitizers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've heard a lot of reports of supply issues. In an effort to help protect public health during these difficult times, we at BestLine felt the need to use our resources to help meet the public's demand for hand sanitizer.” 


Our Mission

We are a company that strives to always provide high integrity in all that we do and say, and to make a positive difference in lives of our customers, with Gods help. 

We sincerely hope your keeping well and maintaining the social distancing and hand washing that is helping to slow the spread of COVID-19. 


Perry Anderson, CEO