Cold damp winter mornings are the worst for you and your engine

Help prevent early piston ring and cylinder wall damage with BestLine Engine Treatments. It's the best way to make any motor last up to 80% longer. Proven by independent lab tests, 52 worldwide patents and thousands of customer reviews.


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Blends with all Mineral or Synthetic oils. 0w-20, 10w-40, 20W-50 up to 75-120W gear oils and all Race Oils. 

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Effect of surface films on tribologically induced metallurgical transformations of steel in oil lubricated contacts

September 2016. Conducted in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of technology (EPFL) we demonstrated the effects of Micro Lubrication as a novel process for protecting from wear, for the first time able to replace the usage of ZDDP.  

ZDDP or Zinc as it is known, has been the universally used lubricity component for many decades.  Zinc is now all but banned by the EPA due to its ability to clog catalytic converters. The oil industry, Tribologist's around the world have been looking for a replacement for ZDDP. BestLine now has the patent as a ZDDP ( zinc ) replacement issued this year ( 2017 ). 

The study is published by the world-renowned scientific journal "WEAR" from Elsevier.

WEAR magazin


Harley Dyna users say:

Harley V Twins perform best when using BestLine Oil additive with their regular oil of choice. BRG Racing proves it on their Dyno and others like several store managers at Cycle Gear that own Harley Dyna's tell us that they run quieter, more smoothy and with more power. The extreme pressure and heat generated by the Harley V twins need the extra protection that BestLine engine oil additives can offer. 

Victor and Jermey said that when they started using BestLine Engine oil treatment in their Harley's they noticed instantly smoother running and shifting with more power. 

03.09.16 - Un Cruise Adventures' S.S. Legacy more than triples oil change intervals on both main engines with BestLine Diesel Engine Treatment.

As a result of the recently completed field testing conducted over the last 5 month operating period, the S.S. Legacy was able to successfully reduce oil changes from four oil changes to 1 one change with the inclusion of BestLine's Diesel Engine Treatment. 

The S.S. Legacy operates 7 day cruises on the Columbia and Snake Rivers following the Lewis & Clark expedition route of the Northwest. The vessel has twin 1150hp. Cat 3512 propulsion engines. 

The environmental challenge was the ability for timely oil changes. With the addition of the BestLine Diesel Engine Treatment and careful review of main engine oil analysis, the crew of the Legacy was able to safely implement this maintenance change without any loss of engine performance required for the challenges of navigating these rivers.

08.10.15 - Marine Vessel Application Test demonstrating a 10.97 % fuel economy

Treating with BestLine's Diesel Fuel treatment and Diesel Engine Treatment the two main 1200 hp propulsion CAT engine and the two primary gensets of the F/V Pacific Challenger, a 107' Trawler- Catcher vessel that primarily fishes in the Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska and offshore coastal waters of Washington and Oregon State. 

Very aware of the cost of operations and the environmental stewardship responsibilities associated with their industry. They have built a very good reputation within the industry and are known for environmental efficiencies. BestLine and the Captain and Owner, Capt. Chris Peterson and his team demonstrated a 10.97% fuel economy on a vessel busy 10 months of the year with home ports in Seattle, WA. 

15.10.14 - BestLine's Patented Lubricants Use "Biodegradable" Base Oils
In 2002, the International Standards Organization (ISO) set new standards for determining whether a lubricant's base oil is "biodegradable." The standard contains specifications for a newly created category of "Environmentally Accepted Lubricants." Those specifications include poly-alpha-olefins (Group IV base oils) and related hydrocarbons such as "Hydroisomerized Base Oils" (Group III base oils). The ISO determined that these base oils rank in the same category as triglycerides (a group of oils often commonly referred to as "vegetable oil").

BestLine, in developing its lubricants, created a proprietary formulation of the referenced "Group III" and "Group IV" base oils. The truly advanced technology within this formulation, while providing the best available lubrication, uses the safest and most environmentally friendly ingredients currently available. Given the use of these base oils, BestLine's lubricants are approximately 80% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

22.05.14 - CD & Power & BestLine Research Inc achieve 11.3% burn rate economy on a 1MW generator

On May 22, 2015 CD & Power & BestLine Research Inc operated a test to compare the fuel burn rate on a 1WM generator with and without BestLine Diesel Fuel Treatment.

The data was collected by two "CD & Power" technicians throughout the process. Strictly adhering to the testing protocol and recorded to ensure the engine was operated under the same scenario for both baseline and comparison testing.

Each test (Without Fuel Additive and With Fuel Additive) was conducted three times with one refueling event at the start of the test and drained fully and measured at the completion of the test.

With BestLine's Fuel Additive the generator shows a 11.30 % consumption economy.