Diamond Nano-Lube: 5 Ways It Beats The Competition

Diamond Nano-Lube: 5 Ways It Beats The Competition

BestLine’s Diamond nano-lube is the best in the oil additive industry. Our unique nanotechnology features an ultra-low friction nano-lube that provides superior coverage, and the other additives just can’t match its performance. 

Keep reading to see five ways our Diamond nano-lube leaves the competition eating our dust. Let’s start at the top. 

#1 - BestLine’s Diamond Nano-lube Reduces Friction By 60%

Our Diamond nano-lube is a unique additive that coats the internal components of the engine. We created a formula that contains micro, or “nano” particles, and they fill tiny holes and voids in the engine system to increase the lubricant's contact with all metal surface areas. 

What this does is reduce the heat and friction caused by sliding contact from heavily loaded metallic parts. In turn, this greatly diminishes the naturally-occuring wear and tear that happens over time. 

#2 — Scientifically Proven To Be The Best

In an independent study, and reported by WEAR Tribology Magazine, our nano-lube was put to the test. The study used BestLine’s Diamond nano-particles as an oil additive and observed the tribological properties during the two-phases of the engine’s lubricant process. 

The study concluded that BestLine’s Diamond nano-lube possesses excellent load-carrying capacity, as well as anti-wear and friction-reduction properties. The study also found that due to the behavior of the diamond nano-particles once inside the system, they increased surface hardness and formed a boundary consisting of lubrication film that prevented the rubbing metal faces from coming into direct contact. 

Scientific fact — our Diamond nano-lube reduces friction, heat, and wear. Continue reading to see what else makes our product the best in its class.

#3 — Save Money And Enhance Performance

Our product will save you money in the long run with improved MPG. With the prices of gasoline constantly going up, this is an area where you can really feel the effect of better fuel economy — your wallet. 

BetLine’s nano-lube will also extend the life of your engine and optimize its performance. To double-up on fuel savings, you can also use a BestLine fuel additive. Read our previous blog to see more about what a fuel saver can do for you. 

Diamond Nano-Lube

#4 — Good For All Motorized Vehicles

And we mean ALL. No, seriously. Our product is formulated for use in both gas and diesel engines and can be used in any kind of vehicle with all types of oil. From vehicles that operate all day, everyday, to vehicles that only drive on the weekends, our Diamond nano-lube has got your engine covered. 

Whether you drive a:

  • Passenger car
  • Commercial truck
  • Taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • School Bus
  • Sanitation vehicle
  • Tractor
  • Go kart
  • Jeep
  • Race Car

Yes, we just said race car. The demanding nature of race car engines necessitates high-quality maintenance to keep racing engines running at an optimal rate.

BestLine’s Diamond nano-lube has an excellent high-heat rating. Thanks to our ultra-low friction technology and extra boundary of layer protection, our nano-lube is vital in keeping the race car engine from overheating in extreme race conditions. 

#5 — Tough Engine Protection

BestLine’s Diamond nano-lube protects the engine system from corrosion, oxidation, and thermal breakdown. The nano-lube acts as a cleaning agent for oil as it effectively removes junk and deposits from the crankcase, passages, rocker arms, and other critical areas of the engine. It treats the internal components of the engine and keeps all systems functioning at a high level. 

Connect With Us And Give Your Vehicle The Best

Our products smoke the competition, but don’t just take our word for it. Read our customer reviews and see what they say about our products. Our goal here at BestLine is to give you top quality performance additives and customer service. We are always happy to talk shop! 

To learn more about our Diamond nano-lube or one of our other products, contact us and let’s chat.

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