Can I Use Fuel Additives In A Diesel Engine?

Can I Use Fuel Additives In A Diesel Engine?

Owning or driving a diesel fueled vehicle isn’t any different than driving a gas powered vehicle, except for the fuel. 

Diesel fuel burns cleaner than gasoline but that doesn’t mean it needs some help from time to time. 

You want to keep your engine and all the working parts in the best shape possible for as long as possible, right? 

No one wants to pay for replacement parts when they could be modifying their vehicle instead. 

So let’s talk about why it’s a good idea and beneficial to use fuel additives in diesel engines. 

Diesel Engines

Even though diesel fuel burns cleaner than gasoline, over time the buildup of sludge, varnish, combustion and residue can prevent your engine from running as efficiently as possible. 

It can lead to clogged injectors and filters, which you may not see when you look under the hood, but again, over time these components won’t function as well as they should and eventually stop functioning at all. 

Keep those important components working properly longer by using fuel additives in diesel engines. 

Fuel Additives In Diesel Engines

Benefits Of Fuel Additives

A fuel additive, sometimes called a “mechanic in a can,” is a liquid supplement used to help enhance the quality and efficiency of fuel. 

When fuel additives are used you will find that the performance of your vehicle is maximized and the inner components of your vehicle are kept cleaner. 

When using our BestLine Racing Fuel Saver fuel additive you’ll benefit from:

  • Increased power
  • Improved fuel economy (9% - 15%)
  • Reduced emissions overall
    • Reduces emissions by up to 60% while idling
  • Reduced sludge in fuel tank and engine
  • Improved vehicle performance and efficiency 

Right now, with fuel prices at all time highs, adding a fuel additive is an easy way to keep your fuel costs lowered. 

Check out our reviews to see how our Fuel Saver has benefited other drivers!

How To Use Fuel Additives

Using fuel additives in diesel engines is a pretty simple process and takes less than a few minutes to complete. 

When you are ready to fill up on fuel, simply add an entire bottle of our Fuel Saver directly into the fuel tank. 

You will then continue to fill up as usual. 

Our Fuel Saver maximizes your vehicle’s performance and efficiency for up to 250 gallons a bottle which means you don’t need to add a bottle every time you fill up. 

On average you’ll add a bottle of Fuel Saver every 3 times you go to fuel your vehicle. 

It’s important to add it only when you have an empty fuel tank. 

Read our recent blog “Can Performance Additives Increase Horsepower?” for even more insight on how liquid additives can help enhance your vehicle’s performance. 

Want To Know More About Fuel Additives In Diesel Engines? See BestLine Racing

Here at BestLine Racing it is our goal to help you maximize the performance and efficiency of your vehicle whether that be a car, truck, semi, motorcycle, boat, RV or even your lawnmower. 

Using advanced technology paired with the highest-quality ingredients we’ve created a product line that works with all fuel-powered engines. 

To learn more about our products and which products you should be using in your vehicle, contact us today! 

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