How Classic Cars Can Benefit From Engine Treatments

How Classic Cars Can Benefit From Engine Treatments

If you are a fan of classic cars, you know they just don't make ‘em the way they used to. 

A classic car is an older model vehicle that has achieved status as an “icon”. It’s a car that will never, ever see the junkyard and is loved, pampered, and bragged about. Classic cars come with a license to show off. 

How Old Is Your Car? 

The reason we ask is because some classic cars are designed to accept lead gasoline. As anyone who has ever pumped gasoline knows “unleaded” fuel is now the option. Therefore, some classic car owners must use a lead replacement, and any fuel additive must be ethanol-compatible.

Anyone who owns or appreciates the classics will tell you: extra attention and maintenance is an important piece of classic car care.

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Engine Upkeep Is Key With Classic Cars

If you are the owner of a classic car, or are considering purchasing one, you probably already know that classic cars need a great deal of attention. Using the right additives for your vintage engine is a critical component to keeping the vehicle in solid functioning order. 

Additives can extend the life of your engine, and using a product like BestLine’s Diamond nano-lube can safeguard your system from corrosion, oxidation, and thermal breakdown. The nano-lube acts as a cleaning agent for oil. It effectively removes sludge, carbon, and grime deposits from the critical areas of the engine. The nano-lube extends the life of your oil and treats the internal components of the engine and keeps all systems in primo working order. 

Put Wear And Tear In The Past

Another thing engine treatments do for older cars is protect against corrosion, oxidation, and block leaks. A good engine oil treatment will add a boundary of protection as it coats the engine’s components and prevents leaks, especially in vulnerable places like fuel lines and fittings. Our Diamond nano-lube contains micro particles that fills tiny holes and voids in the engine system and improves viscosity. In fact, our nano-lube reduces friction by 60%. It’s your best line of defense against wear and heat for both gas and diesel engines. 

In older automobiles that have seen a lot of road, this is an extremely helpful part of maintenance. Those little leaks are a real nuisance.  

Used Car TLC

BestLine recognizes that used cars are great cars — they just need a little extra care. So we’ve put together a kit especially for cars that have been driven before that works with both gas and diesel engines. 

The kit includes: 

  • Fuel Saver Treatments
  • Engine Treatments
  • A transmission treatment

The right treatments will rejuvenate any used car with everything needed to keep it running like new. All you have to do is take a look at our customer reviews to see how well our treatments have worked. 

Contact BestLine Racing To Learn More About Classic Car Engine Maintenance

For more tips on caring for your classic vehicle’s engine, check out our blogs for more useful information. 

You can also contact us with questions. We love to talk about cars, and we know that classic cars are special. 

Many people of all ages are attracted to the idea of owning a vehicle that is old and unique. Some classic cars may even be a family heirloom that is passed down from one generation to another, and BestLine wants to help you keep that classic car in top condition. 

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